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Subscription of Membership


  1. The member shall pay a subscription of Tk. 1000/- (One thousand) per annum at a time to the association.
  2. Life member shall pay lump sum of Tk. 5000/- (Five thousand) in lieu of yearly subscription.
  3. Life member shall pay a subscription of Tk. 500/- (Five hundred) per annum at a time to the association for development and maintenance purpose.
  4. Fifty percent of the annual subscription fees collected from the members of the branch committees and membership fees from the new members shall be kept in the respective branch committees for development and other maintenance purposes and the remaining fifty percent shall be deposited in the central BAP account.

The membership of the association may be terminated in the following ways:

i. Default in the payment of subscription: Removal of name from member’s register due to non-payment of subscription after the notice as follows: if the subscription is not paid within three month safter due date, the member shall be notified about his/her default giving him/her thirty days’ time to clear his/her dues, all privileges of the membership will be suspended.

ii. Termination by resignation: A member at any time may resign from his membership by giving 30 days’ notice in written to the general secretary of the association. The resigning member shall have to

i. Any member who has ceased to be a member by resignation or non-payment of subscription can be admitted on fresh application to be made by him and on payment of any dues outstanding against him on the date when he/she ceased to be member. The Executive Committee may, however, have the right forego a part or whole of any outstanding dues against such member.

ii. The member whose name has been removed “on the ground of undesirable conduct” may be re-admitted on the expiry of five years or thereafter provided their application for re-admission is supported by 2/3 of the Executive Committee testifying to his good conduct during the interim period.

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