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Action Plan


Promotion and advancement of the subject of psychiatry and mental health by working together


  1. To ensure the highest possible standards of clinical practice;
  2. To promote psychiatric education and research;
  3. To advance and represent the profession of psychiatry;
  4. To promote ethical standards in the practice of psychiatry in Bangladesh;
  5. To protect the interest of psychiatrists and fellow professionals in Bangladesh;
  6. To be a voice for the dignity and human rights of the patients and their families, and to uphold the rights of psychiatrists.


  • Organizational representation, transparency and accountability
  • Maintaining best standards of clinical practice
  • Promoting highest ethical standards of professional conduct
  • Advancing scientifically established principles of treatment
  • Respect for diverse views and pluralism within the field and the association
  • Respect for other health professionals
  • Inclusive, user and family centered, recovery-oriented mental health treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Compassion and selflessness in all human endeavors
  • Balancing self-sufficiency and inter-dependence as a principle of personal mental health
Scientific Section

The Sections are the backbone of the BAP. BAP organizes numerous scientific sections over the year which cover practically every aspect of psychiatry. Some of the sections like International Conference on Psychiatry bring together psychiatrists from across the world with specialist knowledge or interest in the relevant discipline, group or practice area, ensuring a diverse view to any research or other scientific work undertaken. BAP also arranges bi-yearly National Conference on Psychiatry to give Bangladeshi psychiatrists a platform to showcase their knowledge and latest research findings. The scientific section producesjournal, leaflets, symposia, publications, educational programs, consensus statements, continuing medical education (CME), webinar, etc.


BAP publishes the ‘Bangladesh Journal of Psychiatry’ semi-annually.

BAP has also developed several guidelines for the management of mental disorders.The followings are a list of developed guidelines.

  • BAP Guidelines for the Management of Bipolar Disorders
  • BAP Guidelines for the Management of Schizophrenia
  • BAP Guidelines for the Management of Depression
  • BAP Guidelines for the Management of Anxiety Disorders
  • BAP Guidelines for the Management of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

BAP Publishes books on mental health. Our latest publication is ‘Case Based Learning Exercise in Psychiatry’ written by MSI Mullick and Redwana Hossain.


Education is at the core of BAP’s vision. We publish books, journal, guidelines, leaflets; we distribute educational materials and we organize meetings where knowledge-sharing is key. In thiswebsiteyou will find some of our most in-demand educational materials and overviews of our recent projects.

Let’s explore.


BAP provides unparalleled forums at which psychiatrists and other mental health professionals can meet and discuss some of most important issues of the day. Leading mental health professionals from around the globe come and they provide a practical opportunity for participants to share latest research findings and to discuss how local learnings and experiences might be translated and used in their own communities.

Upcoming National Scientific Conference on Psychiatry (NCP)

19 September 2023,
Bangabandhu International Conference Center
Dhaka, Bangladesh

International Conference On Psychiatry (ICP)

29-30 September 2022,
Radisson Blu Chattogram Bay View, S. S. Khaled Road, Lalkhan Bazar,
Chattogram, 4000, Bangladesh.

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